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Meet Donna

Donna Kosicki is a bold education and community leader, dedicated patriot, and proud American.  She has spent decades, advocating for families and their educational needs of their children both on a state and national level.  The love of family is central to her vision and purpose; she is one of a few in this field who stands firm in her conservative principles, championing traditional family values.  Parents know what is best for their children, not government agencies. 


Currently, Donna serves as an educational consultant, with a focal point on family engagement and compliance training to schools and local communities. Through a results-driven approach, she can claim success in increasing parental involvement through training on effective collaborative partnerships between families, schools, and organizations.  Donna presented the National Standards for Family-School Partnerships that were adopted unanimously by the Georgia Board of Education for all school districts. She also served as a family engagement resource provider on 21st Century Community Learning Centers for six (6) states, including Georgia. Donna was instrumental as an inaugural organizational member of the state Parent Advisory Council, and engaging multiple stakeholders as a Steering Committee member for Georgia Family Engagement Conferences. 


Her passion for education has also led her down a path of volunteerism for the Georgia PTA, proudly serving as its State President from 2011 – 2013.  Among numerous accolades, Donna has received an Honorary Founder’s Award, awarded by Georgia PTA,  and a Life Achievement Award from the National PTA for her dedication and service. She is also an Education Fellowship Policy Program Fellow through the Georgia Partnership for Excellence in Education.


Her organizational skills have been put to use on other services and non-profit boards as well.  In 2020, she effectively recruited and trained poll watchers for elections in Cherokee County.  She also participated in the ballot recount, managed poll locations during Early/Advance and Election Day voting, and served as Parliamentarian on the 11th Congressional District GOP and 13th District PTA boards.  Donna has served as President of the Cherokee County Republican Women and the former First Vice-Chair of the Cherokee County Republican Party.


Donna has been a member of the National Association of Parliamentarians and Georgia State Association of Parliamentarians since 2010, and is currently studying for the Registered Parliamentarian certification.

Running for this open House seat for District 22, vacated by Rep. Ed Setzler, is a natural path forward for Donna’s background.  She looks forward to continuing her community service and being your voice down at the Gold Dome. Through guiding conservative principles and her strong leadership, Donna will always advocate for our American values.


Donna and her husband Bob, reside in Acworth.  They have 3 adult children and attend Cornerstone Christian Church. 

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